Get Rid Of Mites And Bed Bugs On Carpet

Without you knowing you can find lice on the carpet. Although often invisible, the effects can be felt by you. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in years, be careful because bed bugs or mites may fill your mattress. The presence of bed bugs or mites can make disease, dust, allergies, etc. To keep your carpet clean and avoid mites or ticks, you need to get professional help how much does deep carpet cleaning cost service and do the following steps to get rid of bed bugs:


1. Drying the carpet underneath the sun. A simple thing but quite influential on the cleanliness of the carpet is to dry it. Drying carpet in direct sunlight. Before drying, you should move the items in the room so that dust and troughs do not spread to other places during the drying process.

2. Wash with hot water. Mix hot water with anti-bacterial soap, then clean the carpet. Dry in direct sunlight. If the carpet it immovable use a wet vacuum.

3. Evaporation. You can use an electric kettle then add a small hose and steam it along the carpet seams. Clean also between the corner. Make sure every angle and corner get hot steam.

4. Use silica gel. You could use this to prevent bed bugs. This bug repellent is used by scattering throughout the room and on the surface of the carpet. So, the lice will stick to silica gel and die by themselves.

5. Kerosene. Mix kerosene and mothballs and then spray them into areas that become nests of mites, or bedbugs. This mixture is effective in killing bed bugs and is very practical because the ingredients are easy to get.

6. Wax or candles. If you have wax at home, you can use it to get rid of bed bugs. Just drop the burned wax into the gap where the bed bugs are. For the dose, can adjust to the needs and mattress area. This natural method is considered effective enough to eradicate lice.
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